Daily Archives: January 11, 2006

Just asking for trouble

Two things came to mind when I first saw this. First was that the dog this guy used to test his little experiment must have had the patience of a saint. The second thing was that I wouldn’t have nearly enough health insurance to try to use this product on Shiloh if I happened to think it was a good idea.

Read the whole description…you know anything with the phrase “I provide a flanged tubular insert 21 which may be inserted in the opening between the sections 8 and 9…” is going to be worth reading!

Along the same theme, you get the idea that the guy who invented this thought it up right after he got into a fight with his wife. You can almost picture him smiling with twisted glee as he imagined his wife spinning around like in a NASA G-force experiment.

How did this not take off with the public? What mother about to give birth could possibly resist the thought of giving birth in a way that ends with the description: “the movement of the fetus occurs and the child is delivered into the net”.

Read that again.

…the child is delivered into the net…

Oh, yeah. What could possibly go wrong?


Here’s a well earned ‘atta boy!’

A brief review of this blog will reveal a log of negative posts directed towards the powers that be. I’ve said repeatedly that it seems as if the current administration is going out of its way to scuttle (if I may use a navy term) the best parts of the Army. Well, I’m happy to say that something is being done properly!

Recently, it was announced that the Army contracted with a civilian company to provide all of its soldiers with free, high-quality foreign language instruction. That’s right. Departing from centuries of tratition, the Army picked someone competent and qualified to provide services to its soldiers. Usually, the Army would bypass the best companies and either use some fly-by night organization that produced crap or it would spend tons of money and take decades to create a language program that would teach soldiers to mispronounce seldom used words in a number of languages no one ever speaks.

So…U.S. Army….my hat’s off to you.

Oh…and just to prove that this isn’t the beginning of some sort of wonderful trend, check this out. I guess you could ask what good is a language program if our soldiers are going to have difficulty tying their shoes. Ok…I gotta get to work.