Daily Archives: January 12, 2006

Half a bottle down…

I can’t vouch for the quality of this post since, as I write this, I’ve finished off half a bottle of wine and working on the rest. Just an FYI, it’s a 2004 Yellowtail Cabernet/Merlot and pretty good(check it out!)

I went to a new dentist last week (or maybe early this week, I can’t really be bothered to remember). I’ve been to a lot of dentists in the past few years since I’ve moved about a billion times and every time I see a new dentist they all say the same thing.

“Wow! I wouldn’t want your job. It must be really stressful given how much you grind your teeth.”

Now, I never really considered myself to be in a high stress industry and I’m probably one of the lowest stress guys you’re going to meet. So I’m not entirely sure where this stress comes from. A ‘google’ of teeth grinding brought up this article from CNN.

It says that the causes of grinding are: Anxiety, stress or tension Suppressed anger or frustration Aggressive, competitive or hyperactive personality type.

Yikes! I don’t think any of those describe me. That’s Shiloh’s job!

As an aside….I secretly wish I could do this sort of thing at work. I’d to think that I’d be the guy in the white shirt but I’d probably dance like the guy in the blue shirt.