Daily Archives: January 21, 2006

Outrage! Shiloh oppression!

I was browsing through wikipedia earlier and was shocked to find out that Shiloh somehow doesn’t have his own entry. What made this fact particularly disturbing is the fact that all sorts of no-talent hacks have entries but somehow Shiloh was overlooked. It’s got to be some sort of conspiracy. Don’t believe me? Then explain to me how Tinkerbell got in? No person, place or thing associated with Paris Hilton deserves to be acknowledged in any way. Heck, even Fran Drescher’s dog has an entry! What the hell is up with that? I went to rectify the situation but they do ask that you don’t create ‘vanity pages’ for yourself, friends, etc. Their theory is that if you are important enough to merit a Wikipedia entry someone else will write it up. I think any reasonable person would see this situation as not only an acceptable exception to that rule but a serious oversight that should be corrected immediately. So, I’ll leave it to you to judge, oh loyal reader. Doesn’t Shiloh merit a Wikipedia entry? Don’t future generations deserve to know about his troubled past, his mental health issues, and his highly recognized role in the War on Terror? Oh, loyal reader, I’ll leave that decision to you.