Are ya thirsty?

Here are a couple of articles that may seem unrelated at first. See if you can find the link… The first is an article here that says a just released report has pronounced the army virtually broken due to the war in Iraq. Oh…and by the way, the report was commissioned by the Pentagon so charges that this is all some terrorist loving, commie, liberal, atheist propaganda probably don’t have a lot of basis in fact. Officials responding to the report all say that everything is fine (you better say that if you want to keep your job…anyone remember General Shinseki?) but what do you expect? They’ve all drunk the kool-aid and all that’s left to do is wait for the rapture. The next one here highlights a recent symposium of former EPA chiefs. All six of them (five appointed by Republicans) said that Bush is not doing nearly enough about climate change and other environmental problems. What the heck is this guy waiting for? An engraved invitation from the Four Horsemen? “Hey, as long as it doesn’t cost American jobs and gas is cheap. More Kool-aid please.” Oh…here’s a bonus. It’s from this months Atlantic Monthly. I’m not sure if you can access it but the link to the article is here. I’ve quoted the relevant part of the article here in italics. From the ‘Bush loves the military’ files. Command Sergeant Major Tim Walz is a twenty-four-year veteran of the Army National Guard, now retired but still on active duty when a visit from President George W. Bush shortly before the 2004 election coincided with Walz’s homecoming to Mankato, Minnesota. A high school teacher and football coach, he had left to serve overseas in Operation Enduring Freedom. Southern Minnesota is home to a large Guard contingent that includes Walz’s unit, the First 125th Field Artillery Battalion, so the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are naturally a pressing local concern—particularly to high school students headed into the armed services. The president’s visit struck Walz as a teachable moment, and he and two students boarded a Bush campaign bus that took them to a quarry where the president was to speak. But after they had passed through a metal detector and their tickets and IDs were checked, they were denied admittance and ordered back onto the bus. One of the boys had a John Kerry sticker on his wallet. Indignant, Walz refused. “As a soldier, I told them I had a right to see my commander-in-chief,” the normally jovial forty-one-year-old recently explained to a Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party dinner in the small town of Albert Lea, Minnesota. His challenge prompted a KGB-style interrogation that was sadly characteristic of Bush campaign events. Do you support the president? Walz refused to answer. Do you oppose the president? Walz replied that it was no one’s business but his own. (He later learned that his wife was informed that the Secret Service might arrest him.) Walz thought for a moment and asked the Bush staffers if they really wanted to arrest a command sergeant major who’d just returned from fighting the war on terrorism. They did not. Instead Walz was told to behave himself and permitted to attend the speech, albeit under heavy scrutiny. His students were not: they were sent home. Shortly after this Walz retired from the Guard. Then he did something that until recently was highly unusual for a military man. He announced he was running for Congress—as a Democrat. Ah…nothing like a bunch on self-absorbed chickenhawks harassing a war vet and scaring the bejeezus out of his wife. Mmmmm….the more you drink, the more you want.


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