Feedback time!

Hey…This place has picked up around here in terms of feedback! I’d like to thank everyone who’d taken a few minutes to browse the posts here and even more to those who’ve posted a comment. It’s nice to know someone is enabling my delusions of grandeur! I feel it’s only polite to acknowledge posts in some way but I’m not really sure how to do that yet. But, rest assured, gentle reader that I do read and appreciate the time you take to respond (except you ‘Sauceman’!). Also, even though he can’t read and probably thinks my laptop is ideally shaped to pee on, I’m sure on some level this whole blog thing is feeding Shiloh’s ego more than mine (and for those of you that know me that’s a scary thought). So, keep reading! We’re over 850 hits so far and that’s not too shabby…


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