Sweden Photos

I’ve been playing around with Blurb which is a self publishing website.  I’ve taken tons of pictures but really struggled with how to best display them.  I’m not really satisfied with them just sitting on my laptop or in an old school photo album and I’ve only got so much wall space to hang them up so I thought that a photo book might be the answer.  The whole process is simple and pretty fun.  You download the free and (really) easy to use software program and go to town building a book.

Anyway, my first result is here:


A collection of photos from two trips to Sweden in 2005 and 2007.  The photos look wonderful in this format (if I say so myself) and I have to say I’ve drunk the kool-aid regarding Blurb.

I’m working on another one from my time in Afghanistan that will combine my best photos with my stories and observations from my time there (edited to remove those pesky spelling mistakes and garbled text you’ll find here!)

The one downside to Blurb (and all these other self publishing sites)?  They end up being a bit pricey.  But they do look damn good…


2 responses to “Sweden Photos

  1. This book looks awesome! We did a book on Blurb at work – I agree with the pricey bit – but if you order one of these you will find a highly professional looking book!

    You might want to try LuLu and see if it’s any cheaper.

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