The disaster that is Verizon

I got an advertisement in the mail today from Verizon offering what appeared to be a pretty good deal on cable and internet access at a nice discount from what I’m currently paying.  So, I decided to call the number on the mailer to get some more details.

After the mandatory pre-recorded message, I spoke to a customer service representative who told me she was sorry but since I didn’t want the cable, internet and phone combination she couldn’t help me but some other part of Verizon could and she gave me their number.

I called that number and went through the phone quiz (‘press 1 for new service’, ‘press 1 if it is for your home’, etc.).  After indicating that I was a new customer seeking cable service I was forwarded to some dude who asked for my customer number.

Me:  “I don’t have a customer number.” (What’s the point of pressing the ‘new customer’ button if I have to answer this question?

Him:  “Oh, well this is technical support.  I can’t help you with a new service.”  (So, why did I press the ‘I want a new service button?’)

Me:  “So, how do I get cable?”

Him:  “I can forward you.”

So, no big deal right?  Just a minor inconvenience? I listened to the phone ring.

Woman:  “Yeah?”

I was a bit stunned.  I wasn’t expecting a response like that.

Me:  “Hello?”

Woman:  “Yeah?”

Me:  “Who is this?”

Woman:  “You called me!  Who is this?”

At this point, I hear a kid crying in the background and realize that Verizon has just forwarded me to a personal phone number.

Then she hangs up.

Ok…I’m starting to get annoyed.  I call back and get the tech support dude again.  He doesn’t realize he spoke to me 2 minutes prior so I have to stop him from transfering me to (I can only suppose) that woman’s house again.  He gives me another number but tells me I have to wait until tomorrow because that office is closed.

What?  So, if I want cable/phone/internet service I can call until midnight but if I want just cable and internet I can only call between 9 and 5?  Are you kidding me?

I call the original number to try to straighten this out.  It can’t be as bone-headed as this.

Well, it is.

I play rope-a-dope again (with me being the dope) and eventually have to call back again and ask for a supervisor.  This is how the call goes:

Supervisor:  “Uh…yeah.”  You gotta be F’ing kidding me.  The guy sounded like he was in some sort of drug induced stupor.

Me:  “Hello?”

Supervisor:  “Uh…mumbles…I’m <his name> the shift supervisor.”

Me:  “Yeah.  I just wanted to call and let you know I’ve been trying to sign up for Verizon service for the past 40 minutes and still haven’t been able to get a straight answer.”  Insert above story here.  “I gotta tell you, this is some of the worst customer service I’ve seen in awhile.  I mean it seems like I can’t give you guys my money.”

Supervisor:  “Uh…well….uh….”A brief silence ensues.

Me:  “Well, just figured I’d let you guys know you lost my business tonight.”

Supervisor:  “Uh….well….”Another silence ensues at while point I just hang up.

Yes, Verizon…It’s the network.  Apparently a broken network staffed by the brain dead.


2 responses to “The disaster that is Verizon

  1. I can tell you that won’t get that good deal anyway – we called when we moved in – without a phone line it’s not a good deal.

    That said, when I write posts like this I always get an email from a higher up who fixes things …. did you get that email?

  2. Not yet…quite honestly, given their inability to handle tasks like forwarding a phone call, I’m not at all confident they can perform more complex tasks like drafting and sending an email.

    Hope springs eternal, however.

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