Quick thinking (Kvick Tänkare)

As promised, here is your smorgasbord of things to think about…

Medieval ‘Vampire’ Skull found!   Don’t get excited, it’s not nearly as cool as the headline would lead you to believe but it’s still worth a read.

Monster Mummies of Japan:  This IS as exciting as it sounds.  I’d recommend just looking at the pictures if you don’t want to be disabused of the idea that demons really do roam the land of the rising sun.

Zoo chimp ‘planned’ stone attacks:  In Sweden (of course) a chimp is accused of stockpiling rocks in order to attack the gawking public.  Now, I was planning on writing about how this is an indication of how the notoriously violent Swedish society has even filtered down to the zoo animals or how this must be another fiendish plot by King Gustav but the real story here is that this is evidence that animals have the ability to plan future actions.  It becomes much more morally problamatic to treat animals like Cartesian automatons if we can prove they actually think.

Wall Street on the Tundra:  A little bit of everything, hubris, economics, cod and elves.

Welcome to the New Gold Mines:  Interesting article on gold farming where people pay others (usually in the third world) to do the mundane tasks in their computer games in order to advance and gather wealth.  It seems to me that if you have players who’d prefer to pay people to play for them rather than play themselves it’s probably:

  1. not a very good game,
  2. people don’t understand the concept of ‘play’, and
  3. the end is near

One response to “Quick thinking (Kvick Tänkare)

  1. I thought the gold farmer article was excellent. When I was playing EvE online, I used to get bombarded by gold farmer messages. Was always afraid to try them out because the threat was banishment from the game. To me, it wasn’t worth it, but I can admit to some degree of temptation. It takes soooo long to get the funds for a decent battleship in EvE, would have been so nice to just “get one” and have the ability to do great things.

    But no, it would ruin the spirit of the game. Not surprised that there is such a market though. We live in this age of “fast food” and instant gratification, there are so many who want theirs NOW so that they can devour it and move on to the next tasty morsel. Then they bitch about how there’s nothing new to do…

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