Swedish zombie project continues

I’ve tried warning the world about the coming zombie apocolypse originating from Sweden here, here, here, here, here, and here (at the end of the post) but still I’m either ignored or considered some sort of kook.  Well, really just ignored, I can’t seem to generate enough attention to even be considered a kook.

But…THIS time the world won’t be able to turn away.  The evidence is becoming overwhelming.

A female cyclist in central Sweden was assaulted on Sunday night by two men, one of whom left bite marks on her left arm.

The woman went into shock and has foggy recollections of what happened next, although she didn’t recognize either of her assailants.

Authorities don’t consider the attack to be an attempted rape.

So, two men (or, more acturately two being that were men before they became the undead) attacked a woman who is now showing signs of zombie infection herself (the reduced mental capacity described as ‘foggy recolections’).

AND this occurred in Sweden.

Do I really need to say any more?

(Regretfully, it appears so.  eds.)

Clearly, while the Swedes appear to be leading the world in reanimation technology they apparently have serious deficiencies in keeping their secret laboritories secure.  Either due to escaping zombies (which is difficult to comprehend given how slowly they shamble and their lack of intelligence) or accidental releases of the reanimation serum (and I know it’s a serum becuase it always is in the movies) the Swedes are demonstrating clear deficiencies in physical security (as also demonstrated here).

Of course, there is alwasy the possibility that this wasn’t an accidental release at all and, rather, this is a test of the serum or the zombies itself.  I imagine once you reanimate the dead the next big hurdle to overcome is getting them to do your bidding.  We may be witnessing this stage of the project.


10 responses to “Swedish zombie project continues

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  2. arandomzombiekiller

    i am a beliver

  3. I am not saying you are right, I am not saying you are wrong because I can honestly see the zombie apocalypse as an actual threat to humanity, but if you really think Sweden is behind it I have to ask you, where is your proof? I can believe it, don’t think I am shit talking you, I’m not, I’m just asking to prove the Sweden and zombies theory.

  4. Did you know that one of the leading songs in Sweden state television right now is Zombies in Love, by the Mango Chunks?

    Don’t know if it is anything sinister, but there still seems to be a large Zombie interest in Sweden even now.

    Here’s the link to the video on the Swedish State Television website…

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  6. im definitely collecting some items that can be used as melee weapons now… i live in Denmark and that is way too close to those zombie making swedes in my opinion

    we will be hit as some of the first as soon as sweden fails to keep contain it to their own country (and you know they will fail at some point since they cant even keep them in their facilities) so we need to prepare

    i just knew this would happen some day… at least i will have the satisfaction of laughing at the people who called me paranoid and crazy

  7. oh and happy holidays people

    oh and think about this: what if (keep in mind its just a theory) what if the aztec’s was right? 2012 might be the year the shit hits the fan with these zombies (people wouldn’t travel through time to now to warn about zombies because then they would get a padded hotel room and a shirt with long sleeves) so what if they went back there so at least some would be warned (keep in mind that the 2012 shit was something i considered bullshit literally yesterday) but now im not so sure

    ill be sure to enjoy my life and prepare way more now

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  9. I believe we need to take this serious im a highschool student an i wanna know are they still expierimenting please reply i would really like to know.. Thanks

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