Setting ourselves up for tragedy

I’m not sure I actually have to say that I’m not too sympathetic towards sex offenders but I do think that we should do what we can to prevent them from re-offending.  Some ways to do that include not labeling people for life as dangerous deviants for engaging in consensual relationships while minors, ‘mooning’ or streaking.  For those who are legitimately guilty of crimes against minors, identify those who can be helped with treatment and give it to them.  For those who are the true, irredeemable predators, alter the laws to make sure they can’t endanger the public.

However, stupid laws which push all offenders outside of society are only going to make all of them more likely to commit more crimes.  When you say that offenders can’t live, work or be within some arbitrary distance from every school, bus stop, play ground, etc. you’re going to end up with a whole bunch of ex-convicts congregating together and interacting with no one else.  Take away every option from people other than committing crimes and should we be surprised when they re-offend?


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