Daily Archives: November 6, 2009

Cookie, Tactical Fortune, 1 ea.

Just received in my fortune cookie:

“Keep on charging the enemy so long as there is life.”

I don’t recall ever getting battle advice from a fortune cookie before.  Perhaps this was from a batch intended for the PLA?

Meatless Mondays

Here’s an entry in the Atlantic Food Channel today (well, awhile ago, I forgot to post this) that discusses the Baltimore school system which has instituted a meatless day in their cafeterias and the resulting outrage by the meat industry.

The Meatless Mondays program was launched to reduce the cholesterol and saturated fats in the lunch offerings and introduce alternate proteins and vegetables. (It’s also helped the cash-strapped school district cut some costs.) Geraci and chef/dietician Mellissa Mahoney say they don’t want to promote vegetarianism, just healthy omnivorism. On Mondays, beans and cheese are the main source of protein (along with vegetables and grains) and kids don’t lose out on a single gram.

Janet Riley, of the American Meat Institute, went on Lou Dobbs’ show on CNN last week to chastise Baltimore for depriving its students of key nutrients: protein. Her boss, the group’s CEO, has also written a public letter to Baltimore’s City Schools CEO Andrés Alonso, noting he was “disturbed” by the initiative and that “meat and poultry may be the only significant source of protein” in Baltimore kids’ diets.

First of all, need I point out how disturbing a title ‘American Meat Institute’ is?

Secondly, meat is the only significant source of protein?  Really?  Who believes that anymore?

At the beginning of the term, she said, students were a bit apprehensive about the new items. So she started putting out small samples of entrees like eggplant parmesan and veggie lasagna so kids could try them first.

Thirdly, what does this say about the diets of these children when they’ve never been exposed to things like eggplant or cauliflower?  Obviously, this is a result of our obsession with processed and fast food and it can’t be good that we have children who have a limited exposure to fresh fruits and vegetables.