Odds and ends

I was on military duty for a few days and had to do my PT test.  Due to uneasiness among some of my comrades about my alternate footwear, I ran in traditional running shoes for the first time in about six months.  It was rather uncomfortable as there was so much cushion on my shoes it felt like I didn’t have a good grip on the track.  Still, I did fairly well and feel I could have shaved a few more seconds off my time had I been able to run in the shoes I’d trained in.

I also got to see the humvee rollover trainer (skip to about 1:40).

As I see all the training and preparation that goes into getting soldiers ready for mobilization and the procedures and time spent on demobilizing them, it’s hard to believe my experiences were part of the same war.  The system is by no means perfect now but it’s way, way better than when I went through.


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