Your Thanksgiving post-apocalyptic fix

Ok, so you’re stuffed with turkey, watched Christmas Story again, can’t eat one more bit of pumpkin pie and you’ve still got three days cooped up with your family*.  How do you make it through?  You know what you want.  A little post-apocalyptic mayhem will take the edge off but you can’t get the family to agree that nothing would be more appropriate on Thanksgiving than watching a bunch of horror movies (Sure it fits with the Thanksgiving theme.  We can all be thankful we aren’t about to get devoured/killed/taken over by those aliens/psychos/monsters.)

So, I humbly submit these two slideshows from a recent ‘Mad Max’ weekend out in California.  It’s got everything you could possibly want…a barren landscape, modified cars, (replica) guns, and chicks in leather and fishnets.

Enjoy and everyone have a happy Thanksgiving.

*Any resemblance of the events described in this post and officially sanctioned TwS family events is purely coincidental.


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