Generational gangs revisited

So, a couple of days ago I wrote a post reviewing an article about gangs that really annoyed me.  That post has been gnawing away at me ever since.  I think I let my frustration get the better of me which is unfortunate because I think it takes away from my central argument that:

1)  Sullivan fundamentally misunderstands the gang problem (its causes,scope and relation to society)
2)  His attempt to pigeon-hole gangs into his generations theory makes understanding gangs more complicated rather than less and provides no insight into developing anti-gang strategies or predicting gang activity
3)  His arguments are repetitive and lazy

When I first started this blog I made a decision to limit re-writes, edits and deletions to the bare minimum and because of that I’m going to keep that post up as a lesson (to me) that I can and should make better arguments in the future.

I think I made a much better case in my earlier critique of another Sullivan article that addresses many of the same issues.  So if you’d like a review with a little less heat I’d recommend that.


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