Is it just me or could you take Obama’s speech today, replace the words ‘climate change’ with ‘health care’ and you could get a decent argument why the left should support this imperfect bill?

The question is whether we will move forward together, or split apart. This is not a perfect agreement, and no country would get everything that it wants…

We know the fault lines because we’ve been imprisoned by them for years. But here is the bottom line: We can embrace this accord, take a substantial step forward, and continue to refine it and build upon its foundation. We can do that, and everyone who is in this room will be a part of an historic endeavor — one that makes life better for our children and grandchildren.

Or we can again choose delay, falling back into the same divisions that have stood in the way of action for years. And we will be back having the same stale arguments month after month, year after year — all while the danger of climate change grows until it is irreversible.

This is where the left (IMO) continues to get it wrong.  They want big change and they want it now.  Occassionally you’ll get what you want but usually you’ll just flounder and meet resistance.  Incremental change may not be glamourous but it’s more likely to get results.


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