I just saw this on BoingBoing and I’m entranced…Is it possible this concept can stand up for a whole movie?  I have to admit, I really like the trailer.

And is that the coolest pistol reload ever done by a tween or what?


3 responses to “Hit-girl?

  1. I am not so sure about this. Seriously, most of us (I guess) find child soldiers in Africa to be a tragic and despicable thing, but seeing a 12-year old (how come you think she is a “tween”?) shooting people (“bad guys”…of course) by the dozens somehow is supposed to be a cheerful popcorn ride? Admittedly, I liked “Leon”, which shared a comparable idea, but then again it didnt want to make it look like some happy girlie nonsense talk adventure.

    I’ll pass.

    And yes…the reload was somewhat cool. But a more realistic approach like the street shoot-out in “Heat” beats it any day in my book.

  2. PS:

    Forget that “tween”-remark…confusion about terms. My bad.

  3. I certainly would agree with you if there was even a hint of realism to the clip but the cartoonish nature of the trailer (and it is apparently an adaptation of a comic book) makes it sufficiently distant from real world horrors for me to not reject it out of hand.

    Granted the violence might not be for everyone (and I’m usually not a fan of gratuitous violence for its own sake – haven’t gotten through a Tarentino movie yet-) but, I’m willing to give any super-hero wannabe movie a chance.

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