The 24 news channels live up to expectations…again!

I was out of contact with the outside world for almost all of the past 4 days with the exception of getting a newspaper on Friday morning.  I was actually quite thankful after seeing the story about the attempted plane bombing, since I just knew that all of the coverage Christmas Day would be endless idle speculation with virtually no facts.  I figured most of that would have burned out be the time we got back this afternoon and so turned on the news to see what had gone on in the world while I was away.

In half an hour of watching CNN (MSNBC had it’s usual Sunday mass-murderer porn on) I heard about the flooding of Reagan National Airport, increased security at L.A., an interview with the Dutch guy who apprehended the terrorist suspect (twice).  By the way, who would have thought a European would save the day?  I thought they were all too busy eating brie and surrendering to Muslim fanatics to actually take a stand.  I guess Fox News and the Right are wrong again.

But not once did I hear that there was even a peep on news out of Iran.  I only knew there was something up because there were about a billion posts from the Daily Dish in my rss reader.

Why am I always amazed at the crappy world coverage we get here in the states?

5 responses to “The 24 news channels live up to expectations…again!

  1. TV news is rubbish the world over. I’m not sure that Sullivan’s blog is much better though. I generally go to the websites of the Guardian or Times for breaking news updates. Usually pretty measured.

    • I have to admit, I’m a fan of Sullivan. He’s a blogger though and (like all of us) shouldn’t be expected to report on the same breadth of issues as news organizations. The fact that he was able to provide significantly more information (as well as attempts to contextual the events) put him far ahead of those news organizations.

  2. Sullivan puts a lot of information out about Iran, but it’s sensationalist and lacks context. I scrolled through some of his Iran posts yesterday, but decided to give it away when I came across a statement about how the most important event in world history is unfoldin before our eyes. Quantity doesn’t equal quality.

  3. LOL…yeah, good point. He can dip into the hyperbole pool…

  4. Dip into it? He bathes in it hourly.

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