Why don’t they make toy peacekeepers?

Mark asks that question in response to a conversation he had with his son.  It got me thinking…why DOESN’T the UN make toy peacekeepers?  Apart from the potential revenue stream (and let’s face it, the UN could always use more money), think about it from an information operation potential.  Hand the things out to kids while you’re patrolling.  If they were really savvy, they could make a cartoon/comic centered around them to promote core values (like conflict resolution) and information (hey, don’t play in the minefield!)

And don’t tell me there wouldn’t be a significant interest in them.  Could you imagine, especially if you made peacekeepers from the various countries?  Who wouldn’t want  to collect the whole set?


2 responses to “Why don’t they make toy peacekeepers?

  1. BOOOOR-ing. Thinking as a kid would, the only benefit would be to play out hostage scenarios and IED situations in sandboxes where your terrorist lego guys (see Abu M blogsite graphic) could put little firecrackers under the peacekeeper vehicles and watch them fly through the air.

    Maybe value as collector’s items, but not a good selling product line for the public.

  2. Hey, wait a minute. It’s not like kids would be forced to only use their soldiers if they got approval from the Secretary General or had to abide with overly restrictive ROE.

    Maybe they could make up evil group for the peacekeepers to fight. G.I. Joe had Cobra, couldn’t these guys have some extra-terrestrial robot army to fight.

    Or, it could be a bit more historical. After all, the UN fought in Korea and Congo way back in the day…

    Besides, if you used ’em in Afghanistan you’d have no competition. The Taliban don’t have action figures and lego-insurgents are reserved for Washington Think Tanks. If you were a kid would you want a cool looking peacekeeper figure with the panolpy of expensive military hardware or some insurgent figure made with sticks and used chewing gum?

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