Hat tip tuesday

Jeff points to a new series on Starz based on the story of Spartacus.  It looks a lot like 300, which I enjoyed but I hope there’s a good story to back up the action scenes.  I really enjoyed the original, especially Laurence Olivier’s Crassius and think it’ll be tough to beat some of his scenes but anything with an ancient Roman theme gets a fair shot around here.  The original was a thinly veiled attack upon McCarthyism so it’ll be interesting to see how (or if) the writers incorporate themes of the disintegrating republic in the show.   I wasn’t able to find a scene of Olivier’s on YouTube but here’s the original trailer.

If you haven’t seen it, go do it.

Here’s the trailer for the new show

Wired had a year end round-up post for the intelligence community and one part in particular is worthy of reprinting in full with an official TwS endorsement (with the caveat that it is just as applicable for other intelligence communities outside the federal system):

Go All In for 2.0. Intellipedia is the Intelligence Community’s version of Wikipedia; A-Space is the so-called “Facebook for Spies.” Both are great tools that have almost no bearing on the day-to-day practical aspects of producing intelligence. Intellipedia isn’t official; glossy four-color paper reports are official. Posting on A-Space takes time away from your “real job.” There is no practical reason why the IC could not immediately adopt a “living intelligence” model that gets vetted and valid intelligence into the hands of consumers in near-real-time — not weeks or months after-the-fact. Such a model would actually allow analysts more time to think about the problems at hand, rather than following dated, time-wasting protocols. What hinders progress in this area is Intelligence Community management that is more concerned with getting credit than serving the intelligence needs of consumers. To be fair, you might see forward progress from recalcitrant managers if they were rated and encouraged to act like members of a community, not monks in a cloister.


One response to “Hat tip tuesday

  1. Thanks for the link Dean. I also recommend Barry Strauss’s new book, Spartacus, as a good short read.

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