Captain Coupon

A fever is haunting the TwS household.  The fever of coupons…

About a month ago Mrs. TwS started becoming interested in the art of couponing.  It’s now a full fledged obsession.  Every evening she comes home with bags of food and household items with declarations that all that cost $8…$4….or less than free! (possible when bonuses on future purchases are included).

She’s now totally obsessed and I have to admit I’m totally clueless.  She tries to tell me about the various deals and financial gymnastics necessary to get the best deals (go on double coupon days and use certain coupons in a specific order in conjunction with some sort of bonus club membership)  but I have to admit I’m lost in about 30 seconds.  I’m totally out of my league.

I see this as a net good for 2 important reasons

  1. It is shocking how much stuff she’s getting for so little and it’s actually stuff we can use
  2. I now have some ammunition to fight back with when Mrs. TwS complains I get a bit too obsessive about keeping the world safe from the zombie apocalypse or recreating the glory that was Rome.

One response to “Captain Coupon

  1. Join the club – I’m just happy to push the trolley and nod wisely…don’t count too much on HER passion/interest being a useful counter-balance for your own until the snow is off the driveway, the roof in reshingled and the garden dug…

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