Daily Archives: January 11, 2010

Suck it HuffPo!

Ah ha!  Allow me to gloat.

HuffPo just today had a post today about the Uruguayan sci-fi short ‘Panic Attack’.  Just for the record (and because, like no one but me cares about this sort of stuff) I posted about it waaaaay back on December 17th.

So, dear readers, yet again I demonstrate how reading this blog keeps your collective finger on the pulse of all things cultural, political and military.

Feel free to mock all those pathetic HuffPo ‘johnny come lately’ types.

Huffington, Drudge, Brown…do you feel that?  It’s me breathing down your neck!  I will crush you all with my media empire!  HA!  Bow before me now or suffer the consequences you puny Earthlings!

I await your surrender and look forward to making you all my bootlicking toadies!

Oh man, I think I need some NyQuil.


Stop and look at the world around you…

Allow me to recommend this site which has all sorts of nature webcams from Estonia.  A HUGE time sink (last year I spent way too much time watching the wild boar cam) but a lot of fun if you want (which I’m watching right now on ‘forest camera 2’).


P.S.  Don’t forget to turn your sound up.  The cameras come with sound as well…