another intelligence article for you…

Wow…this is really a good time if you’re interested in getting under the hood of how the intelligence community works.  Here’s a very good article by Ron Capps in Foreign Policy.

The whole article is worth a read but if you’re a regular reader here there won’t be anything shocking in it. I’ll will use one of his closing paragraphs to flog one of my favorite ideas yet again:  The use and publishing of unclassified products.

Publishing more reports unclassified would be a start. I once tried to publish a piece this way. I had written it based on information I collected myself in the field, and I wanted anyone who needed it to be able to access it easily. But the mere idea of my organization publishing something unclassified was so foreign that it took three weeks to get it cleared — that’s about 2½ weeks longer than usual. In some organizations, the format of their reports is considered confidential, so regardless of the source, even if it’s a local newspaper, the report itself is classified.


One response to “another intelligence article for you…

  1. Totally agree with lots more unclassified published reports as most of the information comes from open source.

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