Really? Racial profiling?

I had a long post written hammering a stake in the heart of the whole idea of racial profiling and then…I lost interest.  So, dear reader, I have spared you of a long, boring post about how incredibly stupid, immoral and counterproductive profiling based on race, religion, gender or similar characteristics.

If you want more than that I can only quote  Mr. Pukhov:  “I can explain why but I can’t be bothered.”

Certainly, by now you’ve heard the hysterical ranting of General Thomas McInerney (thank goodness he was Air Force) who apparently was so thrilled to have someone ask his opinion on TV he decided to go totally nutso and say that “in the next 30-120 days” (you could almost hear the suction sound as he pulled that number out of his ass) a plane would be brought down.  He assigned that a ‘high probability’ to that event and so advocated strip searching all 18-28 year old Muslim men.

Let’s just say…the guy went Full Retard.


3 responses to “Really? Racial profiling?

  1. First of all, if anyone has gone ‘full retard’ seemingly, it’s … Lt. General McInerney is not ‘hysterical’ he’s experienced and savvy to the threats before us and despite that he’s indeed retired from his service with the USAF, he’s still active within the intelligence community, well-connected and and obviously has a much better grip on Islam (a political ideology NOT a religion) than you do. wake up, please.
    Perhaps if the country would stop this ridiculous love affair with political correctness and realize that airliners are not hijacked by folks naked Sam and John.

  2. Political correctness has nothing to do with it. Racial profiling is ineffective. It leads to lazy policing. What McInerney (and you) apparently don’t know is that there are all sorts of terrorists who aren’t Muslims and (because I know that point won’t be persuasive to you at all) there are all sorts of Muslim terrorists that don’t fit that dumbass profile. There is a history of female suicide bombers in Palestine and Chechnya. They’d waltz right past McInerney’s strip searchers.

    But tell me…how are you going to identify ‘Muslims’? Oh, I get it…we all know what Muslims look like, right. We can just tell by lookin’ at ’em! Yeehaw!!! They’re those Araby-lookin’ types…or Asian…or African…or European…

    I guess we could require all people entering the country (and what the heck, let’s include U.S. citizens too since you can never be too sure) to provide proof of their religion (updated regularly to take into account conversions).

    Yeah, good luck with that.

    Care to try again?

    Uh…and I never said naked dudes wanted to hijack planes. Please don’t project your fantasies into my blog…

  3. Clearly Annie has something subliminal going on with Sam and John…

    While I do think that profiling has a role, it does need to based on significantly more characteristics than simply ethnicity, race or religion – the guy responsible for the London Subway bombings could pass for a Swede any day of the week.

    Rather than have a blind rant, perhaps Annie might want to consider some alternatives to over-simplistic profiling like those applied in Israel ( where security becomes everyone’s responsbility…?

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