As if earthquakes, poverty and instability weren’t enough

So, the U.S. is taking some heat for dominating access to the airport in Port-au-Prince and squeezing out aircraft with humanitarian assistance in favor of those carrying American military personnel.  Perhaps now we know why* (h/t YT):

Dumping the dead in hurriedly excavated mass graves without proper rites is seen as…a

… zombies — dead bodies brought back to life by supernatural forces who could persecute the living.

Haitian officials say so far at least 50,000 bodies have been dumped in mass graves outside the shattered capital, Port-au-Prince, in what they view as the most efficient way to dispose of the fast-rotting corpses from Tuesday’s disaster.

*Note:  Editing of this story may have significantly changed it’s meaning from the original during the english to kooky paranoid translation which occurs here at the TwS world headquarters.

And if, somehow, you haven’t found a place to help out those in Haiti yet, here’s a link to Doctors Without Borders who do good work.

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