Society is only three missed meals from anarchy…

I think that quote was from Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy but it’s been awhile since I read it so forgive me if I got it wrong.

I was thinking about that as I’ve been reading about the security situation in Haiti.

Mark’s got a good round up of security concerns and describes some of the problems pre-earthquake.

Even before the earthquake, feelings towards internationals, the UN, ranged from support to resentment. With so much aid unable to get through, it may now resurface. Pre-disaster, there had been a rise in violence over the holiday period (shooting by men on motorbikes); and political tension was growing as elections approached.

Having just completed a move to Haiti shortly before the earthquake, Mark is now considering the consequences of going back (he and his family were in Florida at the time).

Global Voices has a nice review of the unfortunate bottleneck of humanitarian assistance trying to work its way into the country.

And then they do another article describing the use of the term ‘looting’ and reports of violence in the capital.

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