In which I lose my mind

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve allowed my father to drag me into a pointless and endless political debate via email.  I think this all began when he sent me yet another one of those chain emails describing some outrage being perpetrated on the American people by Mexicans, Arabs, Gays, atheists, Congress, etc. and a rousing call to ‘take our country back’.

It all goes downhill from there.  Usually I can just throw those emails into the trash bin but occasionally the crap flowing through my high speed connection simply must be stopped.  So I try, I honestly do, to make thoughtful replies with evidence demonstrating that, in fact there is no ‘Joe Smith’ from South Bend, Indiana who was given a wedgie by Nancy Pelosi while Obama burned the flag that his great great grandfather carried into the battle of Gettysburg.

Despite my best efforts however, our exchanges quickly devolve into what you would expect to see if the staff from Fox and MSNBC decided to meet behind the gym after school to settle this whole mess once and for all.

I gotta learn to just let it go


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