Not to be confused with the quadrangle of unpleasantness…

Iran really needs a better quality of writers if they want to stay competitive in the propaganda game.  Even though I didn’t agree with the ‘AXIS OF EVIL’, I do have to admit it had a nice ring to it.  But really, the ‘triangle of wickedness‘?  How lame is that?

But wait, it’s even lamer because it’s not even a real triangle.  The Iranian regime identifies the members of the triangle as:  “the Zionist regime, America and their hired agents”

Now, you’ll notice there’s a bit of double counting going on there.  Agents, by definition, are acting on behalf of their paymasters and so should be considered representatives of them.  The pathetic attempt to count them twice is ridiculous and should be rejected out of hand.

Ah, good.

A State Department spokesman in Washington dismissed the accusation of United States involvement as “absurd.”

I would have preferred if the State department statement included a definition of the term triangle but that might have been seen as too provocative.

By the way…h/t Scott Adams via Sullivan.


One response to “Not to be confused with the quadrangle of unpleasantness…

  1. Yeah, if only Teheran had correctly identified their foes as “the Zionist regime, America, and their allied cabal of internationalist freemasons,” they coulda had a genuine trio worth hatin’ as well as a stirring catchphrase: “the Putrid Pyramid.”

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