Kvick Tänkare

Russians conduct reenactment of a 19th century rabbit hunt.  Great photographs and in case you were wondering no rabbits were harmed in the event…

Finnish terrorism in the early 20th century.  Maybe not 72 virgins but their acts “got women more easily thanks to that image”.

The Swedish crown princess visited the troops in Afghanistan.  Is it wrong that I think a princess willing to go to a war zone is kind of hot?

Peter has a very thought provoking piece about the expansion of the fleets of environmental organizations and the possible implications of them.

The French somehow manage to make the Haiti disaster all about them and manage to squeeze in a claim that America wants “to subjugate a disorientated populace to the desires and orders of a financial and industrial oligarchy.”

Just got this tweet from the British embassy:   From 20 Jan 2010 UK travellers to the USA must register for authorisation through the ESTA website.  Is it me or does this ‘visa waiver program’ sound a lot like having to get a visa?


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