Afghanistan roundup

I have to apologize to whoever cited the first link in this post but I’ve forgotten where I got the link and so can’t give the hat tip (mea culpa!)

This, however, is too good to pass up.  A USDA employee newly embedded in Afghanistan.  This promises to be an interesting series.

In addition to my role as a member of a military unit, the Obama administration’s new strategy tasked me with the job of “reinforcing positive [Afghan] action” throughout the populace of my designated province. To this end, it will be necessary to go “outside the wire” each day to conduct missions. Such missions include shuras (i.e. consultations) with village representatives and elders, discussions with local farmers on crop yields and technical improvements, and project site assessments to gauge the progress of agricultural and irrigation improvements.

Londonstani argues that we’re so ineffective in Afghanistan that the Taliban there have the time and inclination to begin competing with the Pakistani Taliban for who’s going to come out on top…

If Londonstani were a Taliban commander he’d be taking it easy right now…The Americans and the British are running in circles while throwing money in the air and the Pakistanis are increasingly seeing the errors of their corrupt, slave rulers. All the while, the Muslim world is seeing how we take on a regional power and a superpower all at the same time. Now what? volleyball? stolen humvee racing? I know, I’ll show that annoying arse Hakimullah that he’s not the only one that can make like the action movies.”

He also links to this YouTube video by As-Sahab you should check out…you have to admit, they do a pretty good job at information ops.

Kings of War gives an account of Bild’s interview with Gen. McChrystal.  Trivial fact which struck me the most:  Germany’s foreign minister is named Guido?

2 responses to “Afghanistan roundup

  1. Progess in Afghanistan will be slow, verging on glacial. I don’t think Obama has committed enough troops to do the job, and now, a failure will be all of his doing. I admitt I’m skeptical of pacifying the region but then so many people we’re sure the Iraqi insurgency couldn’t be beat and it was in-fact beaten. it just took time. Patients. For the long term, our interests are served by denying terrorist a base operations. How we go about doing that is certainly up for debate.

    But this is for sure, we cannot just sit back and allow our enemies to build and plan. The convergence of WMD and technology along with fanaticism are a very volatile mix. You cannot wait to find out how volatile. Sometimes the options are real simple. The words of Sir John Keegan are dead on:

    “Oh, a conflict is avoidable in the sense that you could just sit and wait for it, but if we don’t want another occurrence then we have to attempt to eliminate them. It’s really as harsh as that.”

  2. That video is slick, but defensive – the producers seem to be worried about the impact that bombings are having on support within ordinary Muslims.

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