Sweden wrap up

Sweden ends conscription and begins transition to an all-volunteer force.  Sweden sounds like their setting a more ambitious goal for the mobilization potential of their soldiers.

In the old system, a third of the forces – which in 2008 meant 11,400 military personnel – were supposed to be able to deploy within one year from mobilization. In the new defence system, all 50,000 members of the forces would have to be “usable and available” within a week, should Sweden be threatened.

One third of the force ready in one year?  That noise you hear is the Lion of the North spinning in his grave.

Here a story about two immigrants (one form Eritrea and the other from Afghanistan) and how they’re adjusting to life north of the Arctic Circle.  How does not someone not feel good about someone who can say something like this:

“I wouldn’t like to live anywhere else. I love the little village we live in. My children don’t want to move either. It’s safe here. There were so many problems in Eritrea, with bombs falling and all. Now I have the chance to give me children a good upbringing.”


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