Back to normal operations…

With our full staff back on board the TwS blogging empire can now return to normal operations.  Just a few bits of follow up to wrap up our little dramatic situation.

We are unsure of how, exactly, Shiloh managed to get off of our property which is surrounded by a fence.  The two (wholly unsatisfactory) hypotheses are:

  1. He managed to squeeze through a very small gap at the corner of our property.  If he could make it through that small opening he would have to squirm an additional 10 meters of so between two fences that are narrower still before breaking through to open ground.  While I had blocked the opening months before to make it incredibly difficult for such a small dog to even get to the opening it is now completely sealed.*
  2. Someone (probably kids) open the gate fence, coaxed Shiloh out and then closed the fence behind them.

In any case, this is the most satisfying picture I’ve taken in awhile…

We shall now return to solving all of America’s the worlds problems…

*To the best of my knowledge, Shiloh has never seen, nor has the capability to understand The Great Escape.


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