Coup d’etat in Sweden!!!

Carl Bildt has been attempting to usurp the throne of Karl XVI Gustaf since the 1990s.  Recently, he claimed to have been the head of state when he was Prime Minister while discussing his emailing of Bill Clinton:

“When I was prime minister of Sweden, then-President Bill Clinton and I had the first e-mail exchange between heads of state,”

A concerned citizen wrote into the Washington Post (where Bildt’s putsch took place) in an attempt to clear the record…and issue an ominous warning:

The prime minister is not the head of state in Sweden. That would be King Carl XVI Gustaf. Seeing as Bildt is currently the Swedish foreign minister, let’s hope that the king does not read The Post.

Indeed.  Since the coup has apparently failed, I fear we can expect a repeat of the famous Stockholm Bloodbath.

Is Carl Bildt now looking to buy Idi Amin’s former residence in Saudi Arabia as a place of exile?  Can he be foolish enough to think King Gustaf won’t be able to exact his revenge?

I don’t know, dear reader, but I suspect this isn’t going to be pretty.


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