It’s not you…it’s me

A few months ago I applied for a position with a federal agency whose name will not appear in this post.  I received a positive (if automatically generated) message saying that, yes, I had met the minimum criteria and I would be notified if anyone wanted to take it to the next step.

Well, dear reader, I knew I was qualified for the position and had some unique attributes that, I felt, would guarantee an interview if not the job.

But I heard nothing.

I had the reason narrowed down to two possibilities:  either I was the victim of a petty personal/work related feud that may be entering its third year (I’m not sure to be honest), or someone might have googled me and seen me refer to the agency I had applied to in less than flattering terms (the phrase ‘incompetent goons’ comes to mind).

Well, I’m pleased to announce that it was neither of those two after all.  I just received yet another automatic message stating that the position is not going to be filled after all, which has interesting implications of their own.

But, truth be told, I’m just as happy I didn’t get the job.  I suspect that green I saw on the other side of the fence wasn’t grass but rather toxic sludge…


2 responses to “It’s not you…it’s me

  1. Or “..the position is not going to be filled after all…” means ‘the guy we really wanted for the job decided not to apply or got a better offer’ or ‘yeah, we saw you say that so have decided to kill the job to get at you’ – personally, I rate a lot of HR staff with lawyers and used car salepeople…

  2. Well, that’s fine too. So long as it wasn’t one of my original theories I don’t mind as much.

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