Estonians kick it…Georgians…not so much

Thanks to Passport for reminding us that American culture bestrides the world like a colossus.  Eastern Europe has decided to adopt the Simpsons to their own national peculiarities.

The Georgians have gone the shameless rip-off route by making their own cast you yellow people.  Looks kind of lame to me and the protests by the creator that he was only ‘inspired’ by the Simpsons sounds a bit like Vanilla Ice saying that he was ‘inspired’ by Queen and Bowie.

The Estonians, on the other hand, have taken the Simpsons idea and put a nice national twist on it which leaves it recognizable but also original enough to make it interesting to an international audience.  Granted, the Estonian one is a promo for a television channel and the Georgians are trying to carry a sitcom with the idea but still it’s pretty well done.


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