Why are liberals so condescending?

I could explain it to Mr. Alexander but I fear I don’t have enough crayons and construction paper on hand to allow him to understand it.

If his article is an example of  the Republican renaissance of “detailed analysis and commentary on American life and policy” that he says liberals are ignoring I suspect it’s probably  because liberals are engaged in more productive tasks.  Quite honestly however, throwing your poo at the walls would be more intellectually productive that spending time on this nonsense.

I can’t even tag this post ‘politics’ because it’s not about that.  It’s about presenting a shoddy hypothesis, supporting it with weak and selective (a hard combination to get) evidence and displaying the same negative behavior he’s accusing liberals of.  Who knew you could cram so much suck in one article?

Just as an aside…How come when I spout off superficial, unsubstantiated observations I have to do it on this blog and this dude gets to be a professor at a University?

(h/t Phronesisaical)


One response to “Why are liberals so condescending?

  1. Yeah a load of crap. I couldn’t put myself in any frame of mind to talk about this one. It was just remarkably idiotic in the way the author framed how liberals were the bad guys in this picture. They all try to create their own reality, don’t they?

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