Thoughts on the super-bowl (well, kinda-sorta)

I only watched about 5 minutes of the super-bowl (but all of the puppy bowl, so that should tell you something about me).  I did, however get to watch a couple of the famous commercials while I was tuned in.  I thought them…odd.

The two I saw seemed to be created by the same guy…and I’m guessing he’s got an overbearing woman in his life and a really, really small penis (side note, I was looking for a interesting link to post here and came across this…I pass it along to you without comment other than to say, I did find it amusing.   But who is this dude?).

There was one where a dude (or series of dudes) were explaining all of the daily humiliations they have to go through (take your socks off before you go to bed?)  and explaining that justified buying some car.  Dude, if you need a hunk of metal to reclaim your masculinity you’re probably already a lost cause.

And then the other one was of  a guy shopping with his wife/girlfriend while a commentator remarks how the guy has lost his spine.  The answer?  A miniature TV that can get reception anywhere or some crap like that.  Really?  That’s what’s the guy needs?

The Atlantic picked up on it too.

So, on what authority do I speak about these things?  After all, I spent two hours watching puppies flopping around.

Well, I didn’t just do that.  I also completed the recononquista, carved out a nice sized niche in the Holy Land, and taught France and Milan that they don’t come into my yard and kick my dog and not get a thumpin’.

So, yeah, I reinstalled Medieval II Total War and decided to play out my fantasies of world conquest.


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