Crazy Swedes – Virgin Moth edition

You can’t make this stuff up.  A man in Sweden has proposed changing the name of the Swedish city Malmo to a more ‘english-friendly’ name in order to make it more attractive as a tourist destination.

The would-be Malmö modernizer cites translations of the Swedish words mal (moth) and (maiden, damsel or virgin) as ample evidence of the suitability of Mothvirgin.

Mrs. TwShiloh was having none of that nonsense and totally pwned that dude:

I always thought Malmö meant ‘Malm’ [=ore, or rock] and ‘Ö’ [=island]. Picking ‘mö’ and calling it virgin is totally ridiculous, and the closest translation is not virgin but maiden. Besides, if you pick ‘mal’ you know that you’re talking about a moth, right? NO, it’s also type of fish (sheatfish). It’s also the past tense of the verb ‘mala’ – to grind… and so on and so on… 😉


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