What to cut?

So you may have seen this already but the NY Times has a nice graphic of the 2011 proposed budget.  I get the fiscal conservative thing.  I really do.  But, assuming we don’t voluntarily undertake a serious realignment of what we do and who we are (like fundamentally change our military posture and significantly restructure entitlements) what in the hell can you cut that would make any sort of a dent into our deficit spending?

And please…explain to me how lower taxes are going to make this picture better (and yes, I understand the Laffer curve but I would like some evidence of where we might be on that curve before we automatically start shifting left on it).

As a tool for conveying information I have to admit I’m a sucker for interactivity like this.  I suspect that’s why I also liked pop-up books and such when I was a kid.  This seems nice, simple to navigate and conveys a nice bit of information even if you don’t get into the weeds (all you people who think we’d be financially secure if we’d just stop sending money overseas, check out that puny box that represents foreign aid).


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