The return of Drago

Despite her repeated protestations I use the opinions of Mrs. TwShioh as a gauge of the opinions of all Swedes (what’s wrong with making broad, sweeping generalizations with a sample size of 1?).  One strange thing I’ve noticed (even among my in laws raising the n value to 4 or 5!) is a general dislike of Dolph Lundgren.  It seems he’s viewed as a bit of a sell out, altering his accent (a la Madonna)  to pick up a bit of an American twang in his Swedish.

When I tried to get more detailed information about the source of dislike for Dolph I could only get “He’s….lame”.  I’m not sure that’s entirely fair given his amazing contributions to our civilization in the realm of film.  I suspect this has something to do with his perceived violation of the jantalagen.

Don’t think you’re anyone special or that you’re better than us.

Well…he’s back.  Performing a badly sung, karate demo/dance number.  He looks like he’s lip synching but one would hope not since if it was they’d surely be able to engineer a better sound than this.


2 responses to “The return of Drago

  1. I watched this video with my jaw agape. I cannot believe Drago is dancing and singing pop music. What happened to “I must break you…”

  2. Guys, that was brilliant. Loved the drum solo especially. I can’t believe how much depth there is to this man. He sings, he dances, he drums, he breaks things, he winks suggestively, he works in big words like ‘procrastinate’.

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