Dynamic planning in Afghanistan

I’m a bit late on this but I’ve only just had time to go through the above titled presentation.  You might remember it as getting a bit of derision for the final slide which was (brilliantly) described as using more arrows than Agincourt.

You can see the full document here: Afghanistan_Dynamic_Planning.

I think it does have value for both demonstrating the theory behind COIN doctrine and for demonstrating how interrelated and complex the doctrine is.

Of course, if you’re familiar with COIN generally there’s nothing here that’ll be surprising in terms of broad strokes but is kind of cool to see it unfold before your eyes.

I find it interesting from a production point of view.  What is the best way to present all this information in a way the audience will be able to absorb the key points and get a feel for the big picture?  I think this could work reasonably well if you had a good presenter (man, I’d love to see a video of this presentation – omg…did I just type that?  How many types of geek am I?) but I think something like Prezi might be a bit better since it allows users to move about the presentation freely and in whatever order they wish.


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