Happy 1,000!

Well, gentle readers, this is the one thousandth post here at TwS!  From my perspective this blog has finally found it’s footing over the past 12-18 months in terms of my subject matter and readership.  When I started this blog, lo those many years ago I really wrote primarily for myself, which was good since I rarely got more than a couple of hits a day (I couldn’t even get spambots to visit!).  I’m certainly not a major (or even middling) player in the blogosphere (heck, I don’t even merit regular reading from the DHS) but I’m getting more readers than I imagined when I first started this.

And more (much more) important than numbers of people coming here is who’s coming here (I had a bit of an existential crisis when it seemed the vast majority of traffic coming to this blog were reaching it by searching the term ‘sleestak‘).  I’ve been extremely flattered by those of you who either commented or linked to items on this blog since, without exception, I consider your efforts much superior to mine.  The fact that you take the time to read my musings (and keep reading them) is quite humbling and confirms my belief that regular readers of this blog are among the most discerning, educated and intelligent people in the world.


2 responses to “Happy 1,000!

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