Newsweek…well, it is weekly at least.

Courtesy of Andrew, check out this article by the boneheads at Newsweek about when to use the moniker ‘terrorist’.  The complete ignorance of the term is staggering considering that these are writers and editors who actually cover this stuff.

Some  of them seem to think that only foreigners can be terrorists and U.S. citizens are given the titles ‘radicals’, ‘tax protesters’ or ‘survivalists’.

Are you kidding me?  The guy who flew a plane into the IRS building in the hopes of sparking a widespread uprising against the government is a ‘tax protester’???

Look, I get the fact that print media is having financial problems but going this far just so you don’t offend a potential subscription demographic is over the line.

There is some sense talking in the article eventually but really the discussion is one I would expect to see among a group of college freshmen, not a group of people who supposed to be professional journalists.


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