Runnin’ with the Taliban

Just in case you’ve been as absorbed in Olympic hockey as I have you might have missed the Frontline special this week called Behind Taliban Lines.  An Afghan journalist got to spend a week with a group of insurgents in Baghlan province (he was planning on spending two weeks with them but they got a bit hinky and the leader of the insurgents sent the journalist on his way when some started to talk about beheading him).

It’s a great view of the insurgents and takes a bit of the tarnish off the image that these are some sort of mindless automatons who can’t wait to die.  There’s a scene where the group is being berated by their leader via cell phone for being too worried about their own safety rather than taking the fight to their enemy.  The reaction of the insurgents, who had spent hours in a cold field was brilliant.

The whole thing did bring back some memories.  Some good (the melons which were the best I’ve ever had and the Afghans know it, joking that those were the real reason the Americans had invaded) and some bad (the local police who keep insisting that there’s ‘no problem’ with insurgents and everything is secure).

It’s about 40 minutes long and well worth your time.  Check it out.


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