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Post Apocalyptic Weekend Wrap up

I just caught the first episode of the BBC series The Survivors which follows a group of people in the wake of a virus that kills 90% of the worlds population.  I don’t know if there’s anything particularly new in the story but I also don’t know if that’s necessary for these end of the world tales.  The first episode was pretty good both in terms of acting and production values and so, if you’re a fan of apocalypse fiction, try to find a copy and watch it.

I’m not sure how I missed this given the first season was from 2008 but they seem to have started another season this year.

Oh, and nertz to the BBC for not allowing those of us on this side of the pond from watching their programs on-line.  Gee, and are there really people out there who don’t understand why people engage in file sharing?


It might be the end of the world so you better start stocking up your food supplies now.  There’s a fungus that kills wheat with amazing efficiency and we have no idea how to stop it.  (h/t daily dish)


Times must be tough…

…because when I saw this video (h/t boingboing) my second reaction* was ‘That’s terrible that guy is wasting food like that.’  Don’t bother watching the whole video.  Once you’ve seen the first banana explode you kind of get the idea and there’s no big finish.

*My first reaction was ‘They’re really taking liberties with the word ‘artist’ these days’


Finland 5 Slovakia 3

The Finns win the bronze!