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More from Mike

Mike Bennett has another podcast up, this one a collection of his poetry.  As usual, it’s absolutely brilliant.  I just listened to ‘Seeking the Unwanted’ and had to get this recommendation out.



Just a few recent stories in the Swedish media that I thought were worthy of comment…

Swedish crime reporting leaves a bit to be desired.

Police are searching for four armed robbers who opened fire with a hand gun and a rifle during a supermarket robbery on Saturday in Södertälje, 30 kilometres south of Stockholm.

No shots were fired and no one was injured in the incident, according to police.

They opened fire and no shots were fired?  It’s like the properties of light that are both like a wave and a particle depending on how you’re viewing it.

And speaking of Swedish crime, their prison escapes are about as dramatic as watching grass grow.  I’m not sure how Fox would make a series out of this:

The leader of a criminal gang arrested in Nörrköping in eastern Sweden on drug charges walked free on Saturday when police left him unattended in an exercise yard.

The 22-year-old man, who heads up the Red & White Crew, a criminal wing of the Hells Angels biker gang in Sweden, was left unattended in a five metres squared exercise yard with only light netting overhead.

And the money quote from the police commander:

“He somehow managed to get himself up and through the netting. It isn’t that strong so if you’re able to climb and jump it’s not impossible,” said Neumayer

After which he asked to be left alone because it was past time for his nap.

Swedes want their king to remain in power despite the fact that he’s approaching retirement age.  No word on if the king will step down when he turns 65 next year.  Could we see a grab for power by the Crown Princess?  Will there be a bloody purge?  Will the Swedes impose their ideology of moderation and tolerance to the rest of Europe through violence and destruction?

Stay tuned…


Two good articles on Yeman out recently….

The first from the Guardian about how the production of Qat (or Khat) is threatening the water supply of that country.

Most experts predict Sana’a, the fastest-growing capital in the world at 7% a year, will run out of economically viable water supplies by 2017. That is the same year the World Bank says Yemen will cease earning income from its oil, which currently accounts for three-quarters of the state’s revenues.

The cost of water in some suburbs of Sana’a has tripled in the last year, and armed conflicts over water resources around the city are increasing.

The water situation is so serious that the government has considered moving the capital, as well as desalinating seawater on the coast and pumping it 2,000 metres uphill to the capital.

Of course, that article came just a few weeks too late.  After all, after a brief flurry of panic (Yemen is the next Afghanistan!) nobody is now talking about it:

Most of the reporters who landed in Yemen shortly after the failed bombing have left the country. If you search Google News for “Yemen,” you’ll get 24,100 results for January. For February? Just 593 — many of them wire stories or items from the handful of blogs that regularly cover the country. The contrast is even starker on TV news, where the word “Yemen” was uttered exactly twice on U.S. evening newscasts in February, both times in the context of the bombing plot.