Nipples are the devil’s plaything

I was watching the movie 300 on broadcast TV for some reason and the absolute ridiculousness of the censorship rules really hits you with full force.

So, they cut the whole scene with the oracle Pythia (because, I think you can see a nipple under her sheer clothing for all of about 30 seconds) but the scene where Leonidas stabs a guy in the eye and then the guy pulls it out…all in slow motion with extra blood splatter?

Oh yeah…no problem.  Let that through….


2 responses to “Nipples are the devil’s plaything

  1. Did they show Leonidas fornicatin’ his queen broad on TV? Never knew the Spartans had that much respect for their womenfolk though.

    • Of course they didn’t. Nothing to indicate that (shhhhhhh) s-e-x ever occurs.

      Now…let’s get back to good old fashioned family entertainment…how about a nice disemboweling?

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