A bad day for blimps

UPDATE:  My bad.   It’s apparently the anniversary of the Hindenburg’s first flight.  The date of the crash was May 6, 1937.  Oh well, it’s never a bad time to talk about blimps…

Thanks to the reminder from Airships.net that today is the anniversary of the crash of the Hindenburg back in 1937.  Airships has an extensive post about the mighty airship (yeah, I know it wasn’t a blimp).  Apart from the incident itself, it’s a shame that the event set back the perception of lighter than air flight for decades.

Me…I love airships.  And the future designs look totally cool.  My big disappointment is that there don’t seem to be any real plans to build passenger carrying airships.  How great would it be to fly (sail?) to Europe, Asia or around the world in an airship.

We had a blimp in Afghanistan (similar to this, but smaller) and like the Hindenburg it crashed, although it was more comical than horrific.  It fell outside of our perimeter and so we rushed to the top of our Hesco barrier wall and worked with the locals in securing the site until we could get a rescue party out to the crash site (which was probably less than 50 feet from our perimeter but it still took almost an hour to get a convoy together and out there.  And then, with as much dignity as could be mustered, we gathered up the pieces of our blimp and returned to base.

Why am I reminded of this scene?

Back to the Hindenburg…I’m sure you’ve seen it before but worth watching again is the film of the crash:


One response to “A bad day for blimps

  1. Awesome airship post! Loved the blimp story from Afghanistan.

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