Housecleaning issues

Just a few odds and ends to keep things here at TwShiloh HQ running smoothly…

I never officially announced it but I’m on Twitter (lord help us).  Primarily, I use this to announce new postings from here and occasional flotsam and jetsam but it might get more use in the future.  Click to follow here.

Welcome The Thoughtful Animal to the blogroll.  If you have any interest in animal behavior and cognition this is a superb site.

Peter from The Strategist has started another blog called The Doomsday Device for his fiction.  This is good for two reasons:

  1. His fiction is really good and you’re going to want to be able to read it all together and in one place
  2. It demonstrates that he easily caves to peer pressure and I’m sure we can now bully him into sinking his life savings into financing a big budget movie version of his stories.

2 responses to “Housecleaning issues

  1. Again, yikes! Thanks for the kind comments, but I’m starting to think I’ve got a mountain to climb here, novel, movie…!

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