Michael Yon – poseur or just annoying?

Simon has brought Michael Yon back to my attention after a some time.  I recall enjoying reading his stuff about Iraq a few years ago but either I’ve changed or he has because now he just seems like an insufferable jackass.

Check out the guy’s facebook postings:

Update on Bridge Fiasco: Have finished all fact checking but am going on mission. Anticipate having this published in roughly 24 hours.

No, Mike, you probably aren’t going out on a mission.  Some soldiers are though and you’ll be tagging along and (hopefully) reporting on it.  You’re not in the Army any more.  Get over it.

Took trip with Sec. Gates and his group this morning. They are still going, but I stopped at one of our FOBs to go out with some infantry today. Was talking with Geoff Morrell, Press Secretary for Hon. Mr. Gates, and Geoff patted his pocket saying he already had the dispatch printed and would show it …to Sec. Gates today. Lieutenant General David Rodriguez and some other commanders also brought it up to me. Rodriguez has it all in hand… Good idea to cease fire on the Spanish. All is good. Everybody who needs to know, knows. Mission complete: we can move on to other matters.

Oh…thank you so much for saving the entire war effort.  Where oh where would we be without you?  Glad to know it’s safe to ‘move on’.

My god, I knew Afghanistan was big but I didn’t know it could hold an ego that size.

Best of all, yesterday he went on a rant about ‘war tourism’.  Yes, there is a problem with politicians and others flying in country for a few hours so they can brag about how they were in the war zone but really, has this guy looked in the mirror?  He’s a poster child for war junkies.

Maybe that’s what rubs me the wrong way about the guy.  Someone who can freely come and go, doesn’t have to think about context or consequences and feels free to sharpshoot at will.

Oh…and thinks he’s fine line separating us from defeat.

Or, maybe I’m just annoyed with him because he said some disparaging things about Olympic hockey.  Who knows?

I always said I was jealous that Iraq got all the attention but I think I’d be happier if Yon went back to Iraq.

Hey, Mike, King Caesar by Head Automatica is for you.

One response to “Michael Yon – poseur or just annoying?

  1. Poseur? Yes.

    Annoying? Definitely.

    Jackass? Oh, yes!! Surprised they didn’t sign him up for the TV show.

    Useful? Occassionally…

    I think there’s a bit of semantics involved in whether or not he is going ‘on a mission’…he is going with the troops into harm’s way and has a history of this, including at least one recorded instance of taking up arms in a firefight. That’s a lot more than many journos, embedded or not, do.

    He’s not really a tourist either – tourists visit some place and go home; Yon seems to me to be more of a war expat – this is where he thinks is home – certainly he doesn’t seem to have much of a life outside the war zones.

    For me, observing him and his antics offers a fascinating series of insights into the information militia and the cutting edge of information operations: no one can deny he create effects – just be interesting to see who might be pulling his strings…

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