Winter War 2010

The international edition of Helsingin Sanomat recently had an article imagining what a war with Russia would be like today.  I find this strange because there’s no context for the article other than this:

This is an imagined Winter War in 2010. In the speculative scenario, the sides in the war are the same as they were in 1939.

That’s it.  No explanation of why this scenario is examined, by whom or why it’s considered news.

Of course, you know how this is going to end and Comrade Putin ain’t going to be happy…

The Russian jet fighters rushing to the Helsinki region at supersonic speed suffer their first losses in dogfights with Finnish Hornets.

On the Karelian Isthmus, Russia’s motorised army charges ahead with a force in the tens of thousands, with artillery and air support. The aim is to reach the Finnish capital in two days.  However, the forward movement of the forces stops east of the Kymi River, when the Russians confront the Finnish readiness brigades concentrated in the area.

No fixed front lines are established, and the Pasi armoured personnel carriers take fighters from one place to another.

The Russians drop paratroopers at key locations in the Helsinki region. Their aim is to disrupt the distribution of electricity, water, and food.  Finnish special forces surround enemy units near the Malmi Airport. Urban warfare begins, with relentless battles ensuing.

So…is this the result of a bored intern at the newspaper with an over active imagination or perhaps a veiled threat to Russia that if they think about making a habit of invading small, neighboring nations they’re about to get their borscht kicked?

Maybe DJ Vlad should think about kickin’ it old school against take this battle to the realm of Tupak and B.I.G.  He’s got the chops…


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